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HOME Directors

Autymn Kifer
Home Director

T. (240) 920-9075

Autymn Kifer
Womens Home Director
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Seth Mongold
Home Director

T. (240) 522-8232

Seth Mongold
Mens Home Director

Homes For Men and Women

The Hope Home is a 9 - 12 month intensive discipleship program for people that have struggled with drugs, alcohol, or other life struggles. ​

Men and women will discover their God-given destiny through these discipleship-based recovery homes in a faith-filled, family setting. The emphasis is on transformation through the life-changing love of Jesus Christ.

The Hope Homes minister to adults dealing with life-controlling issues or desperate situations who have a desire to change. There is no cost to the individual.

Discipleship within the Hope Homes includes Bible reading, prayer, church attendance, community service projects, mentorship, work projects, and personal spiritual development.

Hope Homes
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